Biblical Counseling

Need Biblical counseling? 

We understand that there are times in life when you just need a helping hand. In fact, many people are doing very well in some parts of their life while struggling in others. Now might be the time when you need someone to come alongside and encourage you from the Bible. We see people with all kinds of problems, but the most common would be those struggling in their marriage, helping parents with their children, those dealing with sexual sin, and those struggling with their emotions (depression, anger, grief, etc.). In all cases, we use the Bible, God's Sufficient Word, to answer the problems of life. 

Counseling Schedule 

Days: Tuesday 

9:30 am – starting appointment time 
6:30 pm - last appointment of the day 

Counseling Contact Information: 
Answering System: 205-530-0226  (​Please leave your contact information and a brief description of issue.)
Email Bill Dill ( for more infomation. 

Bethel Counseling P.D.I. (Personal Data Inventory) Form (PDF)


Counseling Training 

Basic Biblical Counseling Training consists of thirty hours of class room training. This training is broken down into three training modules. When you have completed all training modules you are prepared to start counseling on your own; however, counseling under the supervision of a practicing Biblical Counselor is recommended. Listed below are the three training modules including the topics that will be covered. Each training module can be completed in any order and are not prerequisites for each other. 

Basic Biblical Counseling Training (PDF

Email Bill Dill ( for more infomation.