Bethel Kids is a ministry for children ages 6 weeks through 6th grade at Bethel Baptist Church. We desire to see children not only hear the Word of God, but more importantly, learn how to live it out. We offer Life Group classes for all age groups, allowing them to participate in a small group environment with caring adults to disciple them through all of life's phases. For worship hour, our preschool and grade school kids get to participate in a worship service geared toward their life stage, as they learn to glorify God through music, arts and crafts, games, and other activities. On Wednesday nights from 6:30 - 7:30pm, SPREAD: The Gospel is a program for ages 2 years through 6th grade that focuses on music, missions, discipleship and fun. 


We have nursery, preschool and grade school check-in stations located in the children's areas. If you are a first time guest, you can help expedite your check-in process by filling out this form before your visit at Bethel:


Helpful Guidelines for drop-off:

Please remember to clearly label all of your child's personal belongings, especially bottles/sippy cups/feeding supplies. Labels/permanent markers are available at check-in should you need them. Make sure you have included plenty of disposable diapers and wipes for babies not yet potty trained, and a change of clothes for older toddlers in case of accidents.


Well-Child Policy:

We take seriously our responsibility to care for all of the children entrusted to us during church hours. We strive to protect well children, as well as leaders from exposure to illness, and therefore rely upon parental honesty as to the health and condition of their child. In consideration for other children, leaders and parents involved in the children's ministry, we ask that you refrain from dropping off a child with any of the following symptoms:

-Fever (above 100.5) in the past 24 hours

-Diarrhea or vomiting in the past 24 hours

-Any unexplained rash

-Any symptom of a childhood disease such as chicken pox or whooping cough

-Any contagious infection such as pink eye, strep, etc.



Snacks are provided each week, and can vary from week to week and class to class. Though we try to stay away  from major food allergy triggers, it is important that leaders be made aware of any potential problem. Please fill out an allergy alert sticker and place it on your child's back so that all preschool volunteers will be aware of children with food allergies.

Email Mary Beth Brown ( for more infomation.

Children Ministry Parent/Child Form