What is Renew?

Generational Legacy – Transformational Future

For the LORD is good, and his faithful love endures forever; his faithfulness, through all generations.  – Psalm 100:5 

Since 1832, the covenant community at Bethel has been an icon of God’s grace in St. Clair County. Through the sacrifice and abundant generosity of people like you, 2019 was a year of wonderful celebration as the church paid off its twenty-year building debt. But there is still work to do. Bethel has a desire to bring the whole gospel to the whole person to the whole world, and we believe our facilities should mirror this vision. In 2020, we begin a new journey to update the building as we pay tribute to our wonderful legacy of faith and renew the facilities to be used for God’s glory in the future.

The Lord has blessed the church at Bethel with great facilities. Thankfully, we have space to grow as we engage the community for Christ. As we update the facilities, we need to transition unused portions of the building to a more functional multi-use capacity.

To those who have continued to give faithfully since January 1, 2020 – thank you! We hope the information in this booklet will encourage and inspire you to be a part of how Christ is using Bethel to reach our community.

Bethel Kids Area

This phase focuses on creating a safe and stimulating worship environment for all children on the ground floor. Bethel Kids has been a main area of growth for our church over the past few years. By relocating all age groups downstairs, we can offer a more centralized and inviting check-in area, with new spaces that promote growth and learning the Gospel.

Bethel Kids Area Phase 2 (Preschool)

Bethel Kids Phase 1 (1st-6th Grade) - COMPLETED

Senior Adult/Discipleship Area & Church Offices

This phase will include the relocation of our senior adult space, which will move to the ground floor nearest the parking lot and worship center. This will result in a more strategic and inviting area for the senior adults, while also creating a multipurpose space for discipleship classes throughout the week.


Because the current church office space will be newly repurposed, the church offices will move directly upstairs to A200. This new area will accommodate an additional office, meeting area, and have a set up that benefits collaboration and pastoral counseling.


This phase involves renovating and refreshing our lobby, allowing for a missions focal wall, a welcoming space for new guests, and seating to encourage authentic discipleship and fellowship. The lobby creates the first impression, and displays the heart and vision of our church to all who enter.


The missions wall will celebrate how the Gospel is changing lives in St. Clair County and around the world. Additionally, a centralized communications center for missional purposes will engage our church community, allowing them to join Christ in His work through His people.

Cosmetic Updates to remaining Education/Fellowship Spaces

This phase will incorporate cosmetic updates to the remaining education spaces, dining room, youth worship spaces, and gym. These upgrades will include modernized elements to facilitate teaching, creating inviting spaces that encourage community and fellowship.


The dining room and gym are two of the most used spaces at Bethel. For many in our community, these areas are the only portions of the building complex that they will experience. We want to prioritize and provide continuity for this part of the building, including focal reminders of the Gospel and cosmetic updates that match the other parts of our facility.

How can you help?

Generational Legacy – Transformational Future

We are excited that God has given us a desire to renew Bethel’s campus debt-free. We are completely relying upon your generosity and incredible legacy faith. With your help, together we can do a lot. 100% of all giving to the Renew fund goes towards updating Bethel’s campus.

Ways to Give

During the Service


8332 Moody Parkway,
Odenville, AL 35120

My Potential Giving


Weekly Monthly Yearly
$5 $20 $260
$10 $40 $520
$20 $80 $1,040
$50 $200 $2,600
$100 $400 $4,800
$125 $500 $6,000
$250 $1,000 $12,000

Worship Center Stage (COMPLETED)

Honestly, 2020 was a year like no other. Although last year was nothing that I anticipated, this local church exceeded all of my expectations in many ways. When the world struggled with disunity, you become more unified. When the world became selfish, you were extravagantly generous.


Because of your abundant generosity and continued giving, Bethel was able to jump-start its Renew Initiative and complete Phase 1, even during a pandemic! Little did we know that the Lord would use a renovated stage to help with social-distancing measures in such a way that allowed us to worship freely.


Bethel, you constantly amaze me with your grace-giving, and your love for the Gospel and the nations. May Jesus Christ continually renew everything in our lives! -Josh Burnham